Sunday, November 22, 2015


Last post I was getting used to how to use savings blogs like The Coupon Challenge. I think I have a better understanding now. I learned that the deals don't last very long. The deal I listed was only for that day. I keep thinking of individuals that may come upon the post & see what deal they missed. I want to apologize! I don't think I would like to come upon a deal like this and realized I missed it; especially if I was looking for a good deal on a cast iron skillet. 

Let's move onward to another topic! As you may have noted from my last post AND my Pinterest boards, I really like to buy things MADE IN USA. I stumbled upon this web site today called USA LOVE LIST - STUFF WE LOVE:MADE IN THE USA. I was looking for a way to make bread using my Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer since my new hubs or my daughter put away dishes and I haven't been able to find my kneader to my bread machine. I simply did a Google search and this lovely site came up! Not only did I discover a recipe to use my mixer (that is made in Ohio by the way), I found more recipes and links to various MADE IN USA products. 

I highly recommend checking out this site if you are looking for Hanukkah or Christmas presents. Let's keep Americans working!

Hope you are blessed beyond measure this Season and the coming New Year! Of course, please post other websites featuring MADE IN THE USA products and/or services!


Photo from KitchenAid web site

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Cast Iron Skillet

I am a bad blogger. I have not posted anything in 2 years. I did want to share something that I found on The Coupon Challenge. This cast iron skillet is a great deal at $14.97. I am not sure how long this will last. So if you are looking for a new skillet or a gift for Hanukkah - Christmas 2015, check this out. 

Read through the reviews on Amazon. I can tell you that I have several cast iron skillets, some of them older than I am. They are extremely durable (as I am typing this I think I may be classed as an antique beginning next year)! Cast iron makes great fried potatoes (use a good olive oil)! If you want to brown any beef, pork or poultry then put it in the oven, this would be the pan that you would want to use; especially if you don't want to dirty up an extra dish. The down sides are 1) Weight - they are heavy 2) Cleaning - never put them in a dishwasher 3) Rust - do not leave them wet because they will rust. I am sure there may be more downsides. These are the ones that stand out to me. 

Here it is! Let me know what you like about cast iron!

Have a great week everyone!